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"This spunky girl gives us our daily laugh. She is just so full of antics that we sometimes sit back and wonder where she gets it all from." I wrote this quite a few years ago when Gaby was still a young saluki and now that we are sharing the house with her daughter Svale I think that it is a repeat story.

Gaby was born in Sweden at the Barakisch kennel of Elisabet Andersson. I am thrilled that Elisabet chose my boy Latif to sire Trixie's litter. There was a total of six puppies born the 18th of January 2000. Four boys and two girls. You can see pictures of the whole litter on the Barakisch homepage. (see links). I brought Gaby home as stud fee puppy, and what fun to have a grizzle again. When she was small I wondered if she would look anything like Rubis?

In the beginning they were much the same, but Gaby just kept on growing and soon became a much taller and more refined saluki than her great great grandmother. I am happy that we had Latif around so that he could show her how to behave and what is expected of a good saluki girl. It soon became clear that this lady had a mind of her own and many times over the years she has clearly demonstrated this. Now though we must admit that she has become a very easy going and mature lady.

Her show potential soon became clear, especially when watching her move. Her movement was without effort even as a small puppy. She is special! Over the years Gaby has had a great show career winning both breed specialties and all breed shows. Many people have been impressed by her as she floats around the ring, and they have warmed our hearts by coming over and praising our lovely girl. We hope to keep showing Gaby as a veteran for many years yet.

Gaby is the dam of three litters. Two here at de Lunduki and one at Qirmizi. You can follow Gaby's litter at Qirmizi Salukis in Sweden here: Qirmizi's J-litter

We have kept Hirondelle "Svale" from her second litter.