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Rubis was a six week old puppy when she came to join our household in 1983.
 Her dam Papriscka was a Saudi import to France and her sire Simbad Ali de Foncabrette was bred in France.
 At that time I lived in the South of France and enjoyed the pleasures of Provence. 

I was quite familiar with salukis when Rubis came to live with us and I was curious to how she was going to be. This girl knew what she wanted, and communicated this very clearly to us. She was very obedient. From puppyhood she came out with us in the evenings went we met friends at the local café and when shopping in the old towncenter of Nimes. Most of the time she didn't have a leash on and followed us around.  I did give her some basic obedience training as my two former dogs had been Dobermans. I guess the obedience mentality had stuck a bit. The fact that she was obedient made her very easy to bring along.

Rubis was also a very focused and intense huntress. When out for walks in the fields or woods she had one thing in mind, but was easy to have loose as she easily came back when called. She chased big hares in the vinyards sourrounding our house and also caught a squirrel when going full speed up into an olive tree after it.

I met a lot of scepticism towards Rubis in France at the time. Many were of the opinion that she was "unpure" because of her desert bred background. Hurtful remarks were often made by long time breeders of "western" salukis. She did have her supporters though, and I am forever thankful for their encouraging words. Today the scene has changed and there is much more acceptance for salukis with a desert bred background.

I only showed her a few times. She was rarely placed mainly because of her moderate look and small size. This was in no way a flashy girl.  She was sound and had excellent correct movement which was not often seen at the time.  You can see photos of her last show in the veteran class age 8 years if you click on, more photos.

Rubis is the dam of three litters. The Lunduki B-, D- and E-litter.