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On the outskirts of the town Sandnes, between fields and big fir trees, the salukis Gaby, and Svale spend most of their time. They share their lives with us two legged humans Jan Willem and Elisabeth.

Sandnes is situated in the south west of Norway. It lies close to the town Stavanger, which is known for the big oil industry exploitation in the North Sea. Sandnes has 60.000 inhabitants. This means that it is a nice sized town in Norway, with no more than close to 5 million people living in the whole country.

Jan Willem and I both work as teachers in local schools. I am the saluki fanatic in the family. Jan Willem has always had cats, which our household contains one of named Dolly. Over the years Jan Willem has become a big saluki fan and takes them for their daily walks on a regular basis. Now that the children have grown up and moved out they are the closest we get to having kids around the house.

Photo: Åsfrid Fagervik

The salukis are wonderful companions to take along when out walking in the Norwegian countryside and also very huggable.