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Sire: Dam:

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Kurosch Marivan U'Rubis
Photo: Minet
Ebad Khan Marivan
Owners: Chantal Minet and Henry Bouvier, France
Photo: Beier
Emad Khan Marivan
Owner: Eva Beier, Germany
Photo: Delpierre
Espand Khan Marivan
Owner: Virginie Delpierre, France
Photo: Sattarzdeh
Esmat Khan Marivan
Owner: Cyrus Sattarzdeh, Germany
Photo: Beier
Esfandiar Khan Marivan
Owner: Iraj Sattarzdeh, Germany
Photo: Robert
Effat Marivan
Owner: Françoise Robert, France
Photo: Willy
Eschrat Marivan
Owner: Josiane Schwob, France
Photo: Minet
Esmar Marivan
Owner: Diane Lebesgue, France
Kurosch Marivan (Particolor black and white) (import Iran) Unknown    
U'Rubis (Deer Grizzle) Simbad Ali de Foncabrette (Red) CH
Huilaco's Red Warrior
CH El Rahman do Val Negro
CH Branwen Dido
Belouchka de Pandja CH                                     Gamaras Beloved Silver Star
Paprischka (Red)                              (import from Saudi Arabia) Unknown