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Latif 12 years old

Latif is the oldest of my current three salukis. He was born 24th of July 1995 in Montlucon, France. His breeders are Chantal Minet and late Henry Bouvier. His sire is Ch. Faysal de Lunduki and his dam is Multi Ch. Fateh Icam de Cassandre. He is out of a litter of six puppies. Four males and two females. His siblings Laziza and Lhemir have had very successful show, race and lure coursing careers in France.

Latif is a wonderful saluki to live with. He has a sweet and patient temperament, but can be very vocal if he wants something and we humans are slow in understanding what he wants. He is also very vocal when friends come to visit and makes sure that he gets their attention.  

Latif is also a beautiful male. He quickly won his Norwegian title and has several BOB and Group placings. He has been retired from the ring for many years, but have made some reappearances in 2006 and 2007 in the veteran class with success winning three Best In Shows, in three shows.

Latif has sired one litter. He was mated to the beautiful "Trixie" Barakisch Javedani Liaqat, from Sweden. It was a litter of six puppies, and you can see them on the Barakisch homepage.