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Bakkara de Lunduki was out of a litter of 6 puppies. Four girls and two boys. Her sire Seafleet Sonata (imp GB) lived in Germany with the Stedman Brown family. He was a black fringed fawn. A good looking, moderate and sound saluki. He sired at least one more litter. This time in Germany. 
Bakkara and her litter sister Biba stayed at home. Bakkara was a bit reserved, but very loving and sweet. She was 59 cm at the shoulder and I found that to be quite a handicap when showing her. On the other hand she was very sound and moved well in the ring. This earned her some nice placements and a CC and BOB under the well known French breederjudge Dr. Alain Campagne. She was fun to show as her reserved ways vanished in the ring as she stood her ground nicely. 

Lure coursing was a fun thing to do as well, and she quickly earned her license. Unfortunately she did not like official competition much so she kept to our lure coursing practises in our local club and stopped competing.

When we moved back to Norway in 1990 Bakkara went to live with Annmarie and Bjarne in Denmark. Even though she had a reserved personality she soon adored her new family and she couldn't have had a better home, and I was told that she was a joy to live with.